39 Best Gifts For People With Arthritis In 2022: Helping Them Live A Happy And Healthy Life

Many individuals think thoroughly about what present to offer their loved ones with chronic pain and arthritis that they would appreciate and value since standard presents and stocking warmers might be difficult or unsuitable for them. For instance, a bottle of champagne that they can’t drink because it interferes with their medications, a game they can’t play because holding the pieces is too uncomfortable for their hands, or a huge bar of chocolate they can’t eat since sugar causes swelling.

When purchasing a present for a loved one with arthritis, it is essential to evaluate if the recipient will surely use and appreciate the gift.

  1. Electrical pain reliever

TENS works by transmitting small electric signals through the skin that “overwhelm” the nervous system, limiting its capacity to convey pain while promoting the production of pain-relieving endorphins.

  1. Foam tubing

Simple things like washing your teeth or composing a message might become quite challenging if you have arthritis. This bundle of foam tubing is an excellent stocking stuffer since it provides the receiver with a firmer grip.

  1. Hot-cold massager

Although heat and cold treatment will not prevent arthritic flares, they may give some comfort and aid in reducing inflammation. 

An estimated 58.5 million US adults have arthritis. Experts believe that number will grow as our nation’s population gets older.

  1. Glucosamine with Chondroitin Turmeric MSM Boswellia

These supplements help support ligaments, and bone strength stimulates general health and effectively increases joint mobility.

  1. Aku ball

Wrapping up the Aku Ball helps to relieve muscular tension and stiff joints since this employs acupressure treatment to promote circulation and blood flow.

  1. Ultra-soothing blanket

Many individuals with arthritis claim that the blankets reduce anxiety and promote deeper sleep.

  1. Hot and cold knee wrap

This pack is worn over the knee cap and was secured with a strap that helps alleviate knee pains.

  1. Non-irritating air freshener

Natural oil generator utilizes steamed and aromatic oils to produce a clean and fresh-smelling house.

  1. Hot-cold therapy massaging gel pack

Cold treatment may help relieve RA-related pain, while heat can increase blood flow. Heat treatment, particularly in the morning, also helps to warm tense or stiff muscles.

  1. Heated boots

A set of heating boots will keep your loved one’s feet comfortable and pain-free. 

  1. Wireless hand & wrist massager

This ingenious gadget is ideal for anybody experiencing arthritic discomfort in their hands or wrists. All they have to do is put their hand within the soft chamber.

  1. Half-moon pillow

Resting is one of the most effective stress-reduction and self-care strategies for persons with arthritis. Give your loved one a super-comfortable half-moon pillow.

This bolster is super comfy and I love it. Actually I need 3 more because everyone in my house keeps stealing it from me.” – iGirl

  1. Arthritic gloves

Arthritic gloves may assist with day-to-day discomfort because their soft inner lining promotes circulation and creates heat inside the hand.

  1. Mineral bath soaks and muscle relief lotion

This relaxes tight muscles and eases stress since the muscular relaxation lotion has herbs such as sage, wintergreen, and juniper, which emit aromatherapy vapors to provide a relaxing effect.

  1. Sock aid

The cord’s length may be modified to accommodate persons of varying heights, and the handles are soft to provide a decent grip, giving them ease of putting on their socks.

  1. Massaging brush

This aids in relieving pain from painful arthritic joints and has been shown to reduce joint discomfort.

  1. Anti-inflammatory supplement proteolytic enzyme

Every Heal-n-Soothe pill includes a potent combination of Proteolytic Enzymes that form complexes to address difficult joint issues as well as chronic daily pain and aches.

  1. Stocking stuffers

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on every beautiful gift. You can consider giving them a stocking stuffer, which is a must-have gift for people with arthritis.

  1. Day and night reflection journal

Purchasing a journal as a gift for someone who has arthritis is a good idea since journaling has been demonstrated to be very beneficial for persons suffering from chronic pain since it allows them to express uncomfortable emotions.

💡 A notebook may be a useful tool for keeping track of crucial decisions in your life. It’s a natural chronological record of your growth, and it may help you recall why you made the decisions you did for those life-changing moments.

  1. Spa gift certificate

Image from Dyanna Spa

A gift card for spa treatments such as aromatherapy would be much valued. Massages may aid in the relaxation of tense or achy muscles caused by arthritis.

  1. Yoga accessory kit

Yoga is a strongly advised workout for those with arthritis due to its mix of moderate joint mobilization and flexibility.

  1. Paraffin wax bath

Paraffin wax functions like thermal treatment, soothing muscles, and decreasing symptoms of arthritis while also softening your hands.

  1. Base layers

Cold conditions are believed to aggravate soreness and other arthritis symptoms, but layering is an essential approach for protecting tiny joints from chills.

  1. Lock you can open with a touch

A padlock, however, instead of little dials that must be turned or tiny buttons that must be pushed, moves that may be hard for somebody with arthritis, may be opened with the touch of a finger.

  1. Disposable ice pack

Combining hot and cold compresses is a natural therapy that lowers arthritic swelling and pain.

  1. No-tie shoelaces

Provide your loved one with a pair of Category no-tie shoelaces and let them wear your favorite shoes while easily sliding them on and off.

  1. Vegetable knife

The curved, ergonomic handle of the vegetable knife keeps the blades in a pressure, stable position giving people comfort when using it.

  1. Essential oil diffuser

Give this herbal diffuser to someone important, and they will be ready to replace the air with pain-relieving smells. You also provide them with a new method to rest, as the color scheme lighting can generate a soothing environment whenever they need it.

  1. Extra-long handled shoe horn

It can be gripped with your whole hand, providing a mechanism for persons with various disabilities. The plastic was resilient, and it was the ideal option for an essential thing that they had been having difficulty with.

  1. Next-level walking assistant

A rollator is a combined seat, basket, and walker that lets you move more steadily, move your belongings and rest anytime you want to.

  1. Large flexible gel ice pack & wrap with elastic straps

This is a lovely present for someone who is in agony. Because of its sheer size, it retains heat or cold for a longer time and is excellent for providing relief across a large surface area.

  1. Relieve CBD cream

More study is needed, but early signs demonstrate how effective CBD oil may be for patients suffering from arthritic pain.

  1. Auto cane

Stepping in and out of the vehicle is an everyday action that may be difficult for people with arthritis. Connect the metal cane to the door latch or strike and use it to get in and out of the automobile.

  1. Extra-Large Heating Pad

The heating pad is excellent for back and stomach discomfort. Most people use it to provide additional comfort and relief from joint problems throughout a typical workday.

  1. Hot, steaming cup of pain relief

Because green tea has high anti-inflammatory qualities, it is thought to help lower arthritic swelling.

  1. Weighted heating pad

With the lightweights included under the ultra-soft coverlet, the user administers heat more efficiently, regardless of where they choose to use it on their body. It’s an excellent alternative pain treatment method for relieving muscular pains and tight joints.

  1. More relaxing soak

Hot baths using Epsom salts are a favorite pain relief for many people with arthritis. Enhance their bath with a soak explicitly made to relieve aches and pains.

  1. Reusable heat pack

DIY microwavable heated packs are easy to build and adaptable. Individuals may swiftly heat them and administer them to any hurting joints.

  1. Low-key lunch outing

Holiday gatherings that include getting dressed up, calling Ubers, and having to spend hours mingling are often at the bottom of the priority list of enjoyable entertainment activities for people with arthritis. On the other hand, staying at home means having a good time with family and friends.

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